Psychic Readings by Mia Website Design

The Psychic Readings by Mia website design features a fresh color palette and elements inspired by her services.

The purple and yellow color palette is inspired in combination by the soft colors of a purple quartz crystal and vibrant sunlight. We wanted to communicate serenity and positivity throughout the website, so we incorporated splashes of yellow on each page. The line art icons add an air of sophistication to the services while helping customers draw visual associations to Mia’s services.

The “Good Vibes” testimonial background features abstract crystal imagery, while the sand texture used on the site was inspired by Psychic Mia’s Jacksonville beach location. Other visual elements include a chakra-inspired favicon, an aura-inspired swirl background, and a fun script font to create a relaxed mood.

The Psychic Readings by Mia website design draws focus to her services: palm reading, tarot card reading, crystal reading, and aura reading. These four services inspired the design as we pulled visual elements from each service. Located in Jacksonville Beach, Psychic Mia is available for psychic readings by walk-ins and appointments.

We’ve also worked on website designs such as the Columbus Ohio Psychic Website Design and the Psychic Mrs. Ann Website Design.

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