The Fiorentino Group Campaign

The Fiorentino Group

A full marketing campaign offers companies the chance to improve their brand recognition. By developing marketing materials that showcase a company’s logo and color scheme, companies also form a strategy that helps them stand out against competitors. These materials include business cards, flyers, websites, and more, all tying a company together by the common thread of their brand. For The Fiorentino Group campaignthe company partnered with Doohickey to develop a brand and identity strategy. We helped redesign their logo, website, and stationery, as well as designed marketing materials such as brochures, ads, and emails.

For each of these marketing materials, we wanted to demonstrate The Fiorentino Group’s experience and expertise within the designs. As a result, potential clients would recognize TFG as a respectable resource. The materials implemented professional imagery, precise messaging, and crisp designs. Within The Fiorentino Group campaign materials, the content informs potential clients of TFG’s services and knowledge while visually demonstrating their qualifications.

The Fiorentino Group (TFG) is a government relations and business development firm located in Tallahassee and Jacksonville, Florida. They have years of experience in both the public and private sector, assisting clients who want to influence public policy on state, local, and federal levels. TFG is committed to providing their clients with strategies to achieve their goals and obtain measurable results.

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