Transcend Leadership Website Design

Navigate the barriers to change with the Transcend Leadership website design! For this website, we created a brand that would help our client communicate their leadership, career, and organizational consulting services.

To accomplish this goal, we used a calming blue throughout the design, which communicates stability and reliability. Meanwhile, white conveys perfection and possibility. We paired the blue and white color scheme with maze imagery. This visual reflects the company’s ability to guide clients through difficult career changes.

To help demonstrate the company’s expertise, we created a blog that allows our client to offer readers insight on leadership development and coaching. Finally, the testimonial section gives the company credibility by quoting previous clients that benefited from Transcend Leadership’s services.

Transcend Leadership offers individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations help navigating the barriers to change. The company’s combination of empathy and intuition allows Transcend Leadership to offer their extensive experience leading change. Transcend Leadership’s services include executive coaching, leadership developing & coaching, facilitation & public speaking, and career coaching for career changers. The Transcend Leadership website design focuses on the benefits of these services to attract potential clients.

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transcend leadership website design

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