BFF Puppies Logo Design

BFF Puppies Logo Design

For the BFF Puppies logo design, we wanted to help our clients discover the perfect pick of the litter for their company logo. We developed a design that would communicate a corporate brand identity while marketing the message that families could discover their new best friend at BFF Puppies. A logo is an essential starting point for any brand, so we wanted to make sure the BFF Puppies logo design accurately portrayed the shop to their target audience.

To accomplish this goal, we implemented different images of man’s best friend within the logo. Some depicted a dog with a tennis ball, while others showed a dog running, giving the design energy and excitement. We also gave each design a vibrant color scheme, so the logos would stand out whether they were used on flyers or signage. Since this logo would be at the forefront of all the company’s marketing materials, it needed to encompass the company as a whole. A logo can represent a company’s personality, industry, and product or service, but it also needs to help a company stand out from their competition within that industry. To make BFF Puppies distinguishable, we created a logo that would convey the warm and fuzzy feeling of taking a new pet home matched with a bold font for a big company look.

BFF Puppies is a pet shop located in Orange Park, FL. They strive to unite families with their new best friends. As we developed the BFF Puppies logo design, we also created variations of the final logo, each trying to communicate “man’s best friend” messaging.

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