Cape Sound Flyer Design

Cape Sound Flyer Design

For the Cape Sound flyer design, Doohickey’s goal was to capture the unique atmosphere of this Amelia Island coastal community. Effective flyer designs require a balance of visual elements as well as information. As a result, a flyer can encourage potential customers to call for more information, participate in an event, or fuel overall interest. For the Cape Sound flyer design, we wanted to entice potential residents to visit the community. By providing potential residents with key points of information, balanced with lush and relaxing photography, we’re able to inspire interest in the community. Our call-to-action on the flyer, “Come see for yourself!” encourages interested residents to take the next step and visit to take a tour.

Drawing inspiration from the Cape Sound logo, we implemented shades of teal, tan, and white throughout the flyer. As a result, we’re able to spark familiar sensations people associate with the beach. Appealing to the senses is an effective strategy for enticing potential customers.

Cape Sound is an Amelia Island community that offers homeowners an “unspoiled paradise.” By combining Amelia Island’s unique character with the charm of Downtown Fernandina Beach, Cape Sound embodies an Old Florida style that can’t be found anywhere else on the First Coast. The community’s friendly, inviting atmosphere offers secluded beaches, stunning sunrises, and a hometown feel where residents can simplify their lives. Residents can imagine greeting neighbors from the comfort of their front porch, pedaling towards the beach with family members, or watching the setting sun against sparkling waves from this Amelia Island community.

In addition to the Cape Sound flyer design, Doohickey also created the Cape Sound brochures.

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