Inspired Living Covid Pull-Up Banner Design Tampa Florida

Inspired Living Covid Pull-Up Banner Design

The Covid Pandemic was a devastating period of time, especially for senior citizens. The Inspired Living Covid Pull-Up Banner Design showcases crucial ways to keep seniors and Inspired Living residents safe from the virus.

Several bullet points showcase the main ways to stay safe from the coronavirus. We used bold, filled in icons for each tip to make them easy to read and understand at a glance. This allows viewers to get an idea of the information even without reading the full text. The brand’s dark blueish grey works well as a main background for the content to pop out from. To stay coherent with other brand materials, the top section uses a curved line divider with Inspired Living’s green and light blue. Standard crucial information for the brand takes up the bottom section which uses a solid white background. The Inspired Living Covid Pull-Up Banner Design succeeds in delivering important tips in a quick to understand format.

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