Lewis, Longman & Walker, PA Campaign

Lewis, Longman & Walker, PA

For the Lewis, Longman & Walker, PA campaign, Doohickey choose a bold, sleek look to convey the company’s professionalism. Throughout their digital and print marketing materials, Doohickey incorporated core elements of the company’s brand alongside clean yet creative designs for a compelling visual. Between showcasing LLW’s legacy, achievements, and prestige, the designs capture the firm’s essence while communicating the core message of their ads and flyers. Additionally, these campaign materials are tied together through the firm’s signature teal and font, allowing the brand to speak for itself.

Lewis, Longman & Walker is a nationally-ranked law firm with offices in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Tampa Bay, and West Palm Beach, Florida. Specializing in Environmental, Land Use and Governmental Law, LLW is committed to providing individuals, businesses, and governments, with superior solutions to difficult legal challenges.  LLW partnered with Doohickey to develop a series of flyers, ads and invitations.

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