George's Garage Door Services campaign

George’s Garage Door Services

For the George’s Garage Door Services campaign, Doohickey decided to go big and bold! The combined red, white, and black color scheme allows the red to pop, immediately attracting the eye. The use of shape allows accomplishes this effort, reflecting a rooftop structure while drawing attention towards the company logo. These techniques allow the George’s Garage Door Services campaign materials to stand out.

Inspired by the various materials and textures the company uses in their garage door products, we implemented these elements into various pieces of the George’s Garage Door Services campaign. As a result, we were able to simultaneously showcase their service offerings while giving customers a feel for the company.

George’s Garage Door Services has been installing and servicing garage doors in Northeast Florida for over 20 years. They are committed to providing fast quality service for all residential and commercial garage doors. George’s Garage Door Services partnered with Doohickey to design and develop a website, brochures, business cards, and banners.

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