Lancelot's Castles Campaign

Lancelot’s Castles

The Lancelot’s Castles campaign features the company’s cool colors and signature castle Doohickey originally incorporated in the logo, using these reoccurring elements to connect the various marketing materials below. These visual elements convey the restful, tranquil environment Jacksonville Beach’s properties uniquely offer. As a result, potential customers develop a sense of the serenity they could be experiencing from Lancelot’s Castles. By capturing the feeling of First Coast living and connecting this element across the Lancelot’s Castles campaign materials, Doohickey also developed a brand identity for Lancelot’s Castles to use in future campaigns.

Lancelot’s Castles specializes in providing a unique leasing and property management experience by combining the essence of a relaxed beach lifestyle with the unmatched enthusiasm of finding or leasing the perfect property in Northeast Florida. Lancelot’s Castles partnered with Doohickey to design and develop a logo, website, stationery, brochures, and manage their social media advertising campaigns.

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