PGA Tour Experiences Campaign

PGA Tour Experiences

The PGA Tour Experiences campaign combines print and digital marketing efforts, allowing PGA to reach their audience across a wider scope. Inspired by the PGA brand, Doohickey created an array of marketing materials connected through reoccurring elements of the PGA brand design.

PGA TOUR Experiences provides their customers with exclusive golf vacations that include access to the best courses, golf training, and prestigious tournaments. Host a corporate event through TOURAcademy Events, or experience personal golf training and instruction at one of the TOURAcademies. PGA TOUR Experiences partnered with Doohickey to develop a variety of both print and digital marketing materials including banners, brochures, and ads.

For the PGA Tour Experiences campaign, Doohickey created the below designs, including stationery, brochures, banners, and ads. The brand identity creates a cohesive, recognizable design while allowing each of the individual marketing materials stand out from competitor designs. We’ve also worked on the PGA Tour Experiences Banner Design, the PGA Tour Experiences Trailer Design, and the PGA Tour Experiences Ad Design.

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