Prime Roofing Metal Brochure Design1

Prime Roofing Metal Brochure Design

Prime Roofing is a roof installation company that values informing the customer of the benefits in their work. A strong metal roofing provides a lot of protection for a home and can provide a lot of savings in the long run. The Prime Roofing Metal Brochure Design was created to tell the story of how metal roofing can improve your quality of life and show real examples of the work Prime Roofing is capable of.

There’s a lot of ground to cover when it comes to the benefits of metal roofing. These can vary widely from recyclability to savings to strengthening the home. This is why a booklet brochure works perfectly for organizing this info into single pages and double spreads. To make the distinction clear the brochure was made with contrasting blocks of grays and blues to organize each section and make a hierarchy of information. Icons and photos of projects are placed next to their respective reading points making it easier to understand the benefits before getting into the text.

The Prime Roofing Metal Brochure Design also uses double page spreads to its advantage. With the front and back covers, the booklet displays a well-kept home installed with a metal Prime Roof. One of the most important sections of the brochure, “Get Familiar With Metal” uses this format to emphasize the significance of the information. Teaching the customer about the do’s and don’t’s of their services makes the process much more accessible to the reader and gives them the promise the Prime Roofing provide a Prime Service.

In addition, we also designed the Prime Roofing Pocket Folder and the Prime Roofing Trifold.

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