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Prime Roofing Trifold Design

Prime Roofing is a company that understands how hard it can be to make the decision to replace your roof. It’s a long, complicated process and customers may be unsure of the steps needed to remove and replace new roofing on their homes. With the Prime Roofing Trifold Design, the objective was to make a print document that would unfold naturally to guide the reader through the re-roofing process step-by-step.

Trifold designs are effective in organizing data into thirds while creating a seamless flow for the reader. The Prime Roofing Trifold Design opens to the first and second steps when first unfolding it, and then steps two, three and four for the interior pages. They flow seamlessly into each other with a blue section changing direction when it reaches the fold of the next section. The aids to guide the reader’s eyes and section off information in each of their respective steps. The elements and imagery are laid out dynamically to keep away from a static box design. Visual elements like the shield and blueprint designs are also incorporated to keep with the theme of roof installation.

In addition, we also designed the Prime Roofing Pocket Folder and the Prime Roofing Metal Brochure.

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