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Why SEO Is Important: Accessing Website Roadways

Wondering Why SEO is Important This Time?

By now, you’re probably tired of hearing all the reasons why SEO is important from every SEO freelancer out there. Don’t worry; we’ll spare you this time. However, your SEO keywords—or various combinations of keywords—might be causing you to close roads to potential website traffic without realizing it.

Imagine every search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo builds a new freeway that directs traffic to your website. Depending on the search, those roads won’t lead straight to your front page. There may be backroads as well, directing visitors to your product or service offerings, blog posts, or straight to your contact page.

You want to make sure those routes are accessible so visitors can locate them easily, right? With the proper batch of SEO keywords, your website pages will direct traffic from a number of searches; not just searches that reflect your homepage. 

SEO Keywords Direct Targeted Traffic to Your Site

Keywords create different exits from the search engine freeway to your website, specific to each customer’s interest. Without those keywords, visitors will drive right passed—and start looking for a website more relevant to the products and services they’re looking for.

However, you want to ensure your website is attracting your target audience. Search engine optimized pages will entice potential customers already interested in products and services similar to yours. You just have to know how to use the right keywords for the right audience.

There’s a higher probability website visitors will convert to customers if your content is relevant to their interests. However, we know that every person appeals to the same content in different ways. Visual learners might want to see your photo gallery, while logic-minded visitors might prefer a blog post that demonstrates your expertise. In addition, make sure your images include alt tags that reflect your SEO keywords to help attract those relevant visitors.

Coming in for a Landing

Are you trying to improve the search engine ranking for a specific product or service you offer? Instead of focusing on your homepage, which may have a broader focus, you can build landing pages on your website exclusive to a certain product. Then, increase that page’s search engine ranking with SEO keywords appropriate for that product.

Landing pages act as different exits off the search engine freeway that direct traffic to your website. The ranking SEO keywords associated with your site act as signs, pointing visitors towards those pages.

Let’s say you own a surf shop that sells a number of products from surfboards to apparel. You also offer surfing lessons, but that keyword isn’t featured on your website’s homepage. A landing page optimized for “local surfing lessons” allows you to advertise to your target audience. As a result, you’ve opened a new road to your website. That road provides new opportunities for potential customers to find your company. When they search for surfing lessons, going by the ministry of freedom review, that SEO keyword will point them towards you!

By using specific SEO keywords, you narrow your target audience and attract them directly to what they’re looking for with your landing pages. Starting to see why SEO is important?

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