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That’s Not Google’s First Page: Righting A Wrong Web Page Ranking

There’s a certain sense of accomplishment once you’ve seen your company’s website on Google’s first page. It proves that all your marketing efforts—remarkable blog posts, witty social media updates, search engine optimization exertions—have finally been prolific. If so, congratulations! However—and we don’t mean to burst your bubble, but—you might be seeing the wrong web page ranking.

Righting a wrong web page ranking.

Yep. A number of different factors influence the first page of search engine results. Consequently, your company’s website could show the wrong web page ranking.

When you search a string of keywords and click on a website, your device saves that data. Let’s say you searched for “Jax Beach dog groomers” and clicked on “Lucky’s Dog Grooming.” Your device will later associate Lucky’s website with those keywords. That site will then rank higher on search engine results pages (SERP) the next time you complete the same search.

Now imagine how skewed your data must be for your own company’s website. Yeah, there’s the problem.

There are a few causes to this unfortunate occurrence. However, with two quick fixes, you can discover the accurate SERP and confirm your marketing efforts are achieving their goals. So, ready to see the right web page ranking? Just clear your device cache and disable your search engine personalization. No sweat; we’ll show you how.

First, let’s make sure we’re on the same page (excuse the pun).

The cache caveat.

The cache (pronounced “cash”) is a collection of data from web browsing and mobile app use that’s been downloaded and stored on your device. When you view a web page, your computer or phone saves information, such as logos, web pages, and other elements. As a result, those components will load a lot faster the next time you access the site.

For example, take a look at our social media widgets on the right. Looks good, right? When you click to another Doohickey blog post, your cache will access those same widgets much faster. Cool, huh?

Except…what if we update our site, and your cache is still providing old data? Your cache could be influencing your search page results the same way.

Don’t worry, we can help. Understand more about how cached data can disturb marketing here.

Google’s personal touch.

How well do you think Google knows you? Apparently, better than you realize. Google personalization keeps track of our searches, location history, social media interactions…All which can result in the wrong web page ranking for your company site.

Different devices can have an impact, too. Searching for your company website at work may show an altered SERP. Meanwhile, you could be viewing the correct results while at home. Google’s only trying to provide a personalized experience. However, that won’t quite help your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Keep Google from tracking your every move with our quick step-by-step guide here.

Two wrongs, now right.

Once you’ve cleared your cache and deterred Google from personalizing your searches, you can view the correct SERP. If you’re still unhappy with your ranking, no worries! Doohickey can help increase your ranking so you’re on the first page. The real first page.

Let's get started!