Bid Desk Analytics Logo Design

Bid Desk Analytics Logo Design

When a company decides to refresh their brand with an innovative logo and a modernized website, we’re there! The Bid Desk Analytics logo design was the first step to updating the company’s brand. As a member of the information technology industry—an industry that’s constantly adapting to new discoveries and advancements—it’s important for Bid Desk to appear up-to-date as well. With this in mind, we created the Bid Desk Analytics logo design to reflect an industry that’s always growing while illustrating their service.

In order to visually represent Bid Desk Analytics’ Smart Data tools, we implemented a pie chart within the design. We also created depth by using various tones and shadows within the color scheme, which helps the logo pop off the page. The resulting logo design captures the industry and Bid Desk service in an appealing, time-relevant design.

Bid Desk Analytics provides manufacturers with the tools to analyze government and school contract bids to help clients gain a competitive advantage. Their Smart Data helps clients study the buying process and win contracts for a more profitable and productive future. With Bid Desk Analytics, clients can bid smarter and win more contracts.

In addition to the Bid Desk Analytics logo design, Doohickey also created the company website as part of their rebranding initiative. We’ve also created the Bid Desk Analytics Project Team Video and Data Platform Video.


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