Dealer IT Business Card Design

Dealer IT Business Card Design

From letterhead to business cards, stationery can help companies appear professional and successful to their customers. For the Dealer IT business card design, we sought to communicate the company’s dedication to their customers and professional standing amongst their clients. Drawing inspiration from the color scheme and visual brand identity we created for the company website, we implemented the same visual components to design the company’s new business cards. The resulting Dealer IT business card design is clean and informative, providing the necessary contact information while using vibrant colors to draw the eyes.

A cohesive brand identity makes it easier for customers to recognize a company from their marketing materials. Between the company logo, color scheme, and design components such as shapes and textures, these business cards maintain Dealer IT’s visual brand, leveraging their website design to continue that cohesiveness.

Dealer IT is a solution partner for automotive dealerships that offers IT support to improve efficiency and create peace of mind. In addition to IT management, they also offer help desk, CRM support, DMS, and vendor management. Dealer IT strives to provide their clients with IT solutions to optimize their business for future growth. Doohickey sought to capture the company’s 30 years of expertise and extraordinary customer services throughout the Dealer IT campaign.

In addition to the Dealer IT business card design, Doohickey also developed the company logo, website, a table tent, welcome letters, and letterhead.

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