Dealer IT Letterhead Design

Dealer IT Letterhead Design

Well-designed stationery allows a company’s visual brand to exist in print as well as digital materials. As companies exchange correspondence, a professional letterhead can make a lasting impact on other businesses and clients. For the Dealer IT letterhead design, we wanted to reflect the brand identity we developed for the company’s other marketing materials—including Dealer IT’s newly designed website—across their stationery as well. The resulting letterhead captures the company’s visual brand by using the color scheme we originally created for the website, alongside the logo we created for the company. As a result, we were able to create a consistent, cohesive, and professional brand, making it easier for clients to recognize Dealer IT by visual cues alone.

Using the company’s color scheme also allows the Dealer IT letterhead design to stand out from other print materials. Pops of color against a crisp, white page communicates the level of professionalism we were aiming to accomplish while drawing the eyes to crucial pieces of contact information. As a result, the letterhead doesn’t just look good, but offers additional functionality as well.

Dealer IT is a solution partner for automotive dealerships that offers IT support to improve company efficiency and create peace of mind. In addition to IT management, they also offer help desk, CRM support, DMS, and vendor management. Dealer IT strives to provide their clients with IT solutions to optimize their business for future growth.

In addition to the Dealer IT letterhead design, we also created the company’s logo, website, table tent, business cards, and a welcome letter.

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