Dealer IT Website Design

Coming from a simple, one-page layout, the original Dealer IT website design offered the potential for so much more. By diving into the managed technology solutions the company offers their various automotive dealership clients, we were able to provide potential customers with additional insight into the company. The new Dealer IT website design demonstrates the company’s many years of expertise by offering a detailed view of their IT capabilities.

A website can capture new clients, detail a company’s services, or compel potential clients to call and learn more. With these goals in mind, Doohickey created a website that’s both attractive and informative. We accomplished this balance with striking imagery and animations to make the website feel more interactive. Instead of leaving block text throughout the website, which can feel excessive, we used animated infographics. As a result, we’re able to break down key pieces of information using visual representations of data for an eye-catching effect.

We also used the company’s color scheme throughout the website. This creates a cohesive design throughout each web page and further communicates the company brand.

In addition to design, we also ensured the Dealer IT website functioned to achieve the company’s needs. The support portal and ticket submissions use conditional logic, allowing for more effective and efficient use of the ticketing system. Other functionality improvements throughout the website allow Dealer IT to utilize their website both as a marketing tool and vehicle for productivity.

Dealer IT is a solution partner for automotive dealerships that offers IT support to improve efficiency and create peace of mind. In addition to IT management, they also offer help desk, CRM support, DMS, and vendor management. Dealer IT strives to provide their clients with IT solutions to optimize their business for future growth. Doohickey sought to capture the company’s 30 years of expertise and extraordinary customer services throughout the Dealer IT website design.

In addition to the Dealer IT website design, Doohickey also developed the company logo, a table tent, business cards, a welcome letter, and letterhead.


Dealer IT Website Design

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