Dealer IT Welcome Letter Design

Dealer IT Welcome Letter Design

When Dealer IT asked us for a welcome letter that would provide new clients with a brief introduction and convenient contact methods, we decided to get technical. As an extension of a fuller brand campaign, we wanted the Dealer IT welcome letter design to be a cohesive reflection of the visual brand we developed for their website and print materials. The resulting design is informative while acting as a valuable tool for customer service purposes.

Dealer IT puts their dedication to customer service at the forefront of their client relationships. With that in mind, we ensured that Dealer IT’s clients had numerous methods to reach the IT solutions company to troubleshoot their technical issues. This design not only prioritizes that customer service, but also makes it easier for those customers to recognize Dealer IT’s branded marketing materials from their brand identity alone. Brand awareness is an effective longterm marketing strategy for customer acquisition and retainment, so it was important for us to develop a cohesive brand that Dealer IT could use across their marketing materials.

Dealer IT is a solution partner for automotive dealerships that offers IT support to improve efficiency and create peace of mind. In addition to IT management, they also offer help desk, CRM support, DMS, and vendor management. Dealer IT strives to provide their clients with IT solutions to optimize their business for future growth. Doohickey sought to capture the company’s 30 years of expertise and extraordinary customer services throughout the Dealer IT designs.

In addition to the Dealer IT welcome letter design, Doohickey also developed the company logo, website, a table tent, business cards, and letterhead.

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