New Google Ads Digital Advertising Platform

Taking a Fresh Look at The New Google Ads Digital Advertising Platform

If you’ve ever watched Chuck, you know there’s one word that can trigger some major excitement. Well, it seems Google’s having a “Pineapple Incident” of their own. Google recently announced that their ad products and brands—including Google AdWords, DoubleClick Digital Marketing, and Google Analytics 360—will experience rebranding in the upcoming weeks. The former, Google AdWords, will soon become Google Ads, offering new features to business owners who aim to enhance their online advertising efforts. With so many delicious PPC advertising benefits, the chance for more is too sweet to pass up on! So, how much of a Pineapple Incident is this, really? We took a fresh look at the new Google Ads digital advertising platform to tell for ourselves!

Sweet & Savvy Smart Campaigns

Having to navigate and learn new advertising platforms can taste tart when you’re expecting sweet ease, especially with never-ending updates. Thankfully, the new Google Ads digital advertising platform takes a sweeter approach by tailoring the ad experience towards small business owners. The new platform uses advertising technology designed to help business owners meet their individual goals. While the current Google AdWords is already set up to allow goal-oriented bidding and campaign settings, Google claims the new experience will make it easier to make these goals the priority. Companies can drive real results such as getting the phone to ring, encouraging customers to visit your store, or generating new customer leads on your website.

These sweet and savvy campaigns, which the new Google Ads will refer to as “Smart Campaigns,” puts advertising goals at the forefront. These campaigns will be automated—from the ad creation to delivery—and rely on machine learning algorithms to optimize your campaigns. With Smart Campaigns, you can also promote special offers, get calls straight from ads, and keep your company in the sweet spotlight! Google will then use its mechanical mind to optimize your content—target settings, ad language, and images—to direct these actions towards potential customers.

Pic-ing Pineapples

The new name and brand is a reminder that AdWords doesn’t just focus on searches, but images, display ads, and videos, too. Besides, who doesn’t love a fun nickname? After all, Google knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes, those images, display ads, and videos can offer a more effective strategy for attracting potential customers. While there are already numerous Google AdWords display ad formats to choose from, the new Google Ads platform will help companies stand out from their competitors by using images that make their business unique. The new Image Picker will allow companies to choose up to three images from their suggestions or have companies upload their own. These images will help businesses showcase their products or services. Paired with text and an effective call-to-action (CTA), these image ads offer another strategy for small businesses to emerge from big crowds.

Totally Tropical Targeting

With summer setting in, most of us have our shades within reach and a refreshing drink in hand. Partnered with your digital advertising team on the job, Google Ads can make it easier for business owners to sit back, relax, and trust that their campaigns are optimized to reach the most ideal customers out there.

Google claims that Smart campaigns are three times better at getting ads in front of the right audience—the audience that’s interested in your business and what your business offers when they’re most likely to convert. Targeting the right people at just the right time can decrease wasted ad spend, allowing companies to dedicate their advertising budget where it’s most likely to have the most appetizing impact. So slide those shades into place, sit back, and watch those conversions roll in.

Refresh Your Online Ads with the New Google Ads Digital Advertising Platform

Say whaaat? That’s right—things are changing! With digital advertising, however, constant changes and innovations are the norm. There’s still a lot to be curious about, but as these small changes occur, they’re bound to make a big impact on digital advertising for the long run!

As a busy business owner, there’s not always time to learn yet another new advertising platform—especially when they’re constantly changing. Google AdWords requires continuous vigilance to ensure budgets aren’t exceeded, negative keywords are updated to avoid wasted spend, and other tweaks are made to optimize performance. Balancing your business and advertising—which grows your business—can seem bittersweet, but it doesn’t have to be! Business owners can avoid making repetitive Google Ads campaign mistakes with a sweet, savvy Google Ads expert on their side.

The new Google Ads digital advertising platform is bound to have a few new savory sweet surprises in the upcoming weeks. No worries, though! We’ll keep our updates fresh so that you stay informed. Pineapple incident averted!

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