ppc call only campaign benefits

Pick Up These Off The Hook PPC Call Only Campaign Benefits

Wait a second, hold the phone. You’re not using PPC call only campaigns to boost your business? Well, consider this your wakeup call! For those who are unfamiliar, Google AdWords pay-per-click, or PPC advertising, is an effective digital strategy for amplifying online traffic and snagging leads, along with a few other awesome perks. With a call only campaign, though, you can take those benefits and direct them towards a single goal: blowing up the phones! Check out these five PPC call only campaign benefits to get your office line ringing off the hook.

Buh-Bye Bounce Rate

When a customer clicks on your search or display PPC ad, they’re directed to a landing page. The content on that landing page informs customers about the product or service they’re interested in, then directs them to complete an action. That call-to-action (CTA) might encourage them to fill out a form, or to call and speak with a representative—and down the sales funnel they go!

However, there’s a chance customers might leave without performing an action, or “bounce” from your website. They might be too busy to complete a form, or it might be after office hours and therefore too late for them to call. Definitely not what we want, especially when you pay for each click to an ad.

With PPC call only campaigns, you can say buh-bye to that bounce rate. Since each click becomes a call, there isn’t a sales funnel to worry about—just the sweet sound of that phone ring-ring-ringing.

Clicks = Conversions (That Ring Off The Hook)

The success of your PPC campaigns is measured by various metrics, depending on the campaign objective. Of course, if your end game is to rake in leads that convert to customers, you’re probably keeping an eye on your conversion rate. With PPC call only campaigns, you score a conversion for each ad click. As a result, you can increase your conversion rate, decrease your cost per conversion, and better yet, increase your ROI.

So not only are you shortening that sales funnel, but you’re also seeing more cost-effective results! Now that’s the sound of sweet success.

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Call To Attention

Have you ever noticed that some of the ads on Google’s search results pages look a little different? Some feature a small phone icon alongside the ad. They also use a larger font size, colored text, and give the phone number prominent placement at the top of the ad. As far as search ads go, call only ads know how to stand out from the rest. They look good doing it, too.

Those subtle design enhancements are eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and allow companies to look a bit bolder than the competition. As a result, your call only ads don’t just stand out; they call out to potential customers.

Ring, ring. Hello? It’s your future customers calling. Looks like they saw those call only ads after all. They must be feeling these PPC call only campaign benefits, too.

Cute As a Button

That little phone icon isn’t just attention-grabbing, though. It’s also its very own CTA. Ad text gives you a limited number of characters to spur your customers into action, but with call only ads, that little button is a CTA of its own. While there are numerous benefits to CTA buttons in graphic design, having one alongside your PPC ad provides you with a few more.

For starters, that little phone button offers customers a convenient way to get in touch. As a result, they don’t have to visit your mobile website and struggle to call from their phones. That convenience again shortens the sales funnel, so customers call you directly from the ad. Easy peasy!

Made With Mobile In Mind

Speaking of which, call only ads are actually developed with mobile customers in mind! Scrolling through a landing page on a mobile device isn’t always easy, especially if the website isn’t mobile-friendly. Providing customers with a quick way to get in contact means they’re more likely to get in contact. No more abandoned forms that require awkward maneuvering on mobile devices (and if that is happening, we can help!). Instead, you can target mobile customers with a CTA meant just for them.

We can hear the phones ringing already.

PPC Call Only Campaign Benefits

This is your wake-up call! With these PPC call only campaign benefits, you’ll have those phones ringing in no time. Need some help with the setup? That’s what we Doo.

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