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Shoot For The Stars With Out of This World Website Launch Digital Marketing Strategies

“Mission control? We’re ready for take-off.” Wait wait wait. Hold on. An effective space launch of your new website takes a lot more preparation than the press of a button and a farewell from mission control—and checking to ensure you packed your astronaut ice cream, of course. After all, how are potential customers supposed to find your website amongst an entire galaxy worth? Once it’s floating out in space, it’s also important to nurture and promote your website, too! Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Prepare to achieve astronomical feats of success with these website launch digital marketing strategies!

Planetary PPC

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, brings on a load of rocket-fueled benefits. There are a plethora of ways PPC advertising can spread the word about your new website and boost your business.

PPC is exactly as it sounds—you pay when someone clicks on (or in some cases, views) your digital ad. You can use PPC on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, or search engines such as Google and Bing. With PPC advertising, you’re in control of your daily budget. Rocket fuel can be pretty expensive, but with a well-planned strategy in place, PPC can provide the brand awareness boost your new website needs!

With PPC, you can choose to show HTML5 display banner ads on high-traffic websites that are relevant to your industry, or use an audience-specific strategy that considers your customers’ purchase behaviors. If you choose a search results strategy instead, you can drive traffic to your website based on keyword searches relevant to your product, service, or industry.

Regardless of the methods, PPC advertising is an effective strategy for attracting intergalactic visitors across the web!

Shoot For the SEO Stars

Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps improve your website ranking on search engines like Google. That way, when a potential customer searches for your product or service, they find you! SEO allows you to shine brighter than your competitors by helping you shoot high on the search engine results page (SERP).

There are a few ways to achieve a high SERP ranking. In addition to optimizing your existing web pages for relevant keywords customers are likely to search for, you can optimize images on your website for SEO as well. Another way to shine on SERPs is to post original content. As a result, you create additional opportunities for customers to reach your website.

Using more specific, niche keywords also reduces the competition and attracts customers who are more likely to call or make a purchase. With SEO, you can shoot for the stars, so customers find you first!

Need to add SEO and a dynamic keyword strategy to your website? That’s what we Doo!

Blogs Written In The Stars

Speaking of original website content, how’s your blog look? Writing regular blog posts allows you to add pages of content to your website while covering a range of SEO keywords. It also adds a voice of authority to the website, which demonstrates your company’s expertise in the industry.

Punch into SEO warp speed (and make sure the parking brake isn’t on) with the right search terms! By optimizing for specific keywords, you can bolster your SEO strategy and show customers the extent of your expertise. That way, your audience chooses you—an expert in your field—above the rest!

Star-Crossed Social Media

You can even use that unique blog content as a beacon to your website. Social media platforms allow companies to post content teasers, connect with millions of people, and ultimately boost brand awareness. Added bonus? It’s free. Hello, sweet ROI.

By updating your social media accounts with fresh content, you can engage potential and existing customers. Social media is an effective strategy for showcasing your company’s brand identity, allowing you to develop a voice that customers want to hear.

Don’t forget to link your website to your social media platforms, and vice versa. That way, customers can easily discover more information about your company. Customers are also more likely to check their social media accounts than visit a website directly a second time. With social media posts, however, you can spark that interest over and over again.

Using social media, you have ample opportunity across numerous streams to attract customers to your new website. That deserves a definite “Beam us up, Scotty!”

Hang The Moon With Effective PR

Looking to really give your website launch a signal boost? Using public relations distribution streams such as PR Newswire or PRWeb, you can spread the word and announce the official launch of your website. PR is an effective method for reaching out to customers and amplifying brand awareness. It’s basically like a megaphone for your marketing!

After your epic website launch, you can still promote your business with newsworthy event coverage or industry-relevant news. As a result, customers know you’re in the know and see you as a reputable resource.

Over The Email Marketing Moon

Email marketing is another strategy to spread news significant to your business. With a snazzy subject line and captivating copy, email marketing campaigns can promote website content (such as blog and PR posts), special promotions (including discounts and web-only sales), new products or services, and more!

Then, you can link to a landing page for more information, bringing subscribers back to your website. Pretty cunning, huh?

Remarketing Isn’t Rocket Science

There are a plethora of PPC strategies that require a bit of know-how for real ROI. Among them, remarketing can become your rocket to the moon for bringing customers back to your website.

With remarketing, you can show ads to previous website visitors, which acts as a subtle reminder that your company has the product or service they recently searched for. As with the display banner ads we mentioned, you can also set remarketing ads to target customers based on their search and purchase behavior. As a result, your ads show when they’re most likely in the buying mindset.

That way, you’re at the forefront of their minds, boosting your brand, and routing their spacecraft straight to your website!

Optimize After Launch

Once your website is launched and fueled by these stellar strategies, you can check in with mission control and review the results. By recognizing the combination of different strategies that best suit your company and customers, you can optimize for what works and focus your efforts there.

Remember, different customers throughout different industries respond to different strategies. It may take some experimenting to see what strategies spark customer intrigue. Discovering that balance, though, is like finding the perfect crew. With it, you’ll be prepared for any enterprise.

Soar With These Website Launch Digital Marketing Strategies

As part of your overall creative marketing strategy, these website launch digital marketing strategies can help you shine across the expansive Internet frontier.

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