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10 Rocking Ways Mobile Optimized Websites Amplify Business Growth

Remember the days when fans lit up a dark, crowded stadium with Zippo lighters, flames flickering in tribute, appreciation, and unity? In the last decade, those flickering flames have been replaced with cell phone screens, illuminating the dark in the modern era. Makes sense, considering we’re a society that’s stuck to our cell phones. With that in mind, many companies are abandoning their old-school websites in exchange for a modern, mobile-friendly approach. It’s time to get with the times, so rock on with these 10 ways mobile optimized websites can generate leads, turn up brand awareness, and ultimately amplify business growth!

Groove on With Google AdWords

Google AdWords search and display ads require landing pages, so potential customers can learn more about your product or service. An impressive website can really wow customers and give them groovy good vibes about your company. Since AdWords ads show on desktop and mobile devices, a mobile optimized company website is essential. Otherwise, you might lose out simply because customers can’t navigate your website on their mobile devices.

But wait, there’s more! Google AdWords’ quality scores also consider landing page experience, which includes page speed, content, and other items that are instrumental to the success of your PPC campaigns. High quality scores allow you to rank higher on Google search engine results pages (SERPs), bid less for first page placement, and gain a lower cost-per-click. So yeah—it’s a big deal.

You can actually check your web page speed on Google’s PageSpeed Insights, which pinpoints issue areas and makes suggestions to optimize your pages on desktop and mobile devices. It’s also important to create mobile optimized landing pages specific to each of your campaigns, so you score points for content relevance, too.

With a mobile optimized company website, you can sweeten your AdWords quality scores, rank higher than your competitors, and snag new customers. Now that’s groovy!

Tune Up & Turn Up That Steller SEO

If you’re looking to aim high on SERPs without paying for it, search engine optimization (SEO) is your jam. Google has a special place in its algorithm for mobile optimized websites, favoring them (literally) above the rest. With that in mind, ensuring your company website is optimized for mobile customers will help boost your SERPs position, so customers see you before anyone else. Since interested customers often choose from the first few websites on a SERP, that’s definitely the place to be.

The SEO jam session doesn’t end there. It’s almost important to optimize your individual web pages and media, so all your content can get in on that SEO synergy. As companies tune up their SEO strategizing, they can turn up their SERPs position and attract potential customers to their mobile optimized website. Then everyone’s jamming in sync!

Extend Your Website Vocal Range

Don’t worry—you don’t have to sing soprano for this one. Rather, all you have to do is consider your audience. By examining the demographics and behaviors of your target audience, you may come to realize new reasons a mobile optimized website is a necessity.

Are your customers making the majority of their purchases on smartphones? Do they spend more time on their mobile devices than laptops and computers? If your company website is mobile optimized and capable of accepting online purchases, you have no reason to worry. If not…well, that’s what we Doo!

A mobile optimized website allows you to extend your range, so you can reach out to customers who are on their mobile devices, too. As a result, you’re being more vocal—so customers can be vocal, too.

Orchestrating the Ultimate User Experience

Have you ever tried navigating a desktop website on a tiny smartphone screen? It involves a lot of pinching and zooming, accidental link clicks, slow page loading…It’s just not fun. Mobile optimized websites, on the other hand, are designed for ease of use. As a result, you can orchestrate how customers navigate on their mobile devices, so they don’t feel those tiny screen frustrations.

Designing with user experience in mind includes placing relevant contact information like clickable phone numbers and simple forms above the fold. That way, mobile customers can reach you instantly, without pinching, zooming, copying, and pasting phone numbers…or giving up before the line even rings.

Designing mobile websites with mobile users in mind? It already sounds like a symphony.

Drum Down on Bounce Rates

Sometimes, everyone’s jamming to the same beat, and there’s that one person out of tune. Maybe your website is acing its Google AdWords quality scores and natural SEO page rankings, and potential customers are dancing straight for your website. However, what if they’re not staying? If your website isn’t mobile optimized, potential customers might be visiting, only to leave an instant later.

That bounce rate, or the rate of web visitors who access your site, only to leave without performing an action, might be because your website is too frustrating to navigate on mobile devices. With a mobile optimized company website, you can drum down on those bounce rates, so everyone’s rocking to the same rhythm again.

Snare the Social Media Crowd

Every individual social media platform—primarily used through, you guessed it, mobile phone apps—offers companies another avenue to lead customers to their website. As social media users engage with your posts and travel to your website to learn more about your company, they’re looking for the same easy user experience their social media platforms provide. Offering those customers a mobile optimized experience keeps them coming. Cue the snare drum solo!

Standard Practice Makes Perfect

Now that it’s standard practice to optimize company websites for mobile users, it’s likely your competitors are already practicing that beat, too. Customers shop around, comparing companies from the easy accessibility of their smartphones. The mobile optimized websites have an edge because customers are expecting functionality and ease, anyway. Otherwise, you’re behind on the times—and drumming off tempo to the rest.

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Keep Count of Those Conversions

5, 6, 7, 8! By designing a website that considers user experience, ease, and markets to mobile users, companies create numerous opportunities to increase their conversions. A mobile optimized website allows companies to turn up brand awareness with their target audience and turn down that pesky bounce rate. As a result, customers are lingering on your website, exploring your content, and—drum roll please—realizing how awesome your company is!

Then, they’ll see your mobile optimized form or call button, designed with their mobile user experience in mind, and just like that, you’re rocking to the rhythm of business success.

Master the Modern Melody

Trends are always making comebacks, but it’s still important to move into the modern era. Mobile optimized websites show customers that a company is up-to-date and with the times. As a result, you appear relevant, cutting-edge, and legit. A website that hasn’t been redesigned in over a decade—on mobile or desktop—makes customers question whether the company is even still in business.

By mastering the modern melody, you can send an important message to your customers: that your company is available to provide them with current and innovative solutions.

At least vinyl’s still cool.

Reach a Rocking Reputation

A rocking website is a digital storefront for your company. It’s an opportunity to showcase industry expertise, experience, and capabilities. An old-school website design, though—and one that isn’t mobile optimized—isn’t nearly as impressive.

If you’re marketing innovative products or a service that uses cutting-edge technology, an exciting and up-to-date website design (both on desktop and mobile) gives the company credibility. In some cases, mobile optimized websites are a chance for companies to make a first—and long-lasting—impression with customers.

With a mobile optimized website, you can impress customers with an encore-worthy website—one that brings them back time and time again. That’s brand loyalty at its best. Plus, if they’re really impressed, you can keep on rocking with five-star feels.

Mobile Optimized Websites Amplify Businesses

With these 10 ways mobile optimized websites can amp up your business and escalate success, there’s no reason to wait! Time to march to the beat of your own drum—and drum up new leads—with your own mobile optimized company website.

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