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Marketing Buds That Blossom From An Updated Company Blog

Whether you’re waiting for tulips to bloom or tomatoes to harvest, gardens require a regular routine to flourish and thrive. We all remember those elementary school science lessons, right? Those lucky days when a teacher carted in the AV equipment with a VHS tape of Bill Nye the Science Guy or The Magic School Bus—good times. We learned that plants need sunlight, water, and nutrients to grow…and the same can be said for an updated company blog, too.

Yep—with each blog post, your company website can flourish and thrive as well. Instead of sunlight and water, though, a company blog requires original content and consistency to really come into full bloom. With regular updates, a blog can act as a successful element of a company’s overall creative marketing strategy to attract customers, rain or shine!

So grab your spade and trowel, then check out these eight marketing buds that blossom each time you update your company blog!

Cultivating Your Content Marketing Strategy

Developing a content marketing strategy is like choosing what to plant in your garden. You might add a patch of blog posts here, a row of social media posts there, and sprinkle in the occasional demonstration video or infographic as well. Variety goes a long way to keep your readers interested and engaged. However, it won’t matter much unless that content is consistent.

Content consistency is the equivalent of watering your garden on a routine basis. Maintaining a familiar, animated voice and personality develops a brand identity for customers, which also allows you to stand out from your competitors. As a result, customers will see every lush feature of your company garden and seek your product or service before anyone else’s.

If you’re not posting regularly, however, your content can start to wilt. As part of your content marketing strategy, publishing routine blog posts reminds customers of your brand as well as your company’s presence. Blog posts allow companies to cultivate their content marketing with relevant, attention-grabbing material, so customers can’t help but notice the garden of success you’ve grown.

Plant Seeds of Reliability

Regular rain showers bring reliable flowers. As you water your content garden regularly and develop that familiar brand identity, customers will start to recognize your company as a reliable resource. Consistency shows commitment, which helps companies plant brand loyalty within their customers. As a result, customers will take root for the long term. They’ll learn to rely on your company, not only for the products and services they need, but as a dependable source for information as well.

Providing an updated company blog plants the seeds of reliability, but as you tend to and harvest each post, your blog is bound to bear fruit in spades. Each blog post is an opportunity to show customers why you’re reliable, which can blossom into brand loyalty that keeps customers coming back.

Thrive as an Industry Leader

With knowledge comes power; solar power, that is. Posting industry-relevant information on your company blog is the warm sunlight that illuminates your company as knowledgeable, and therefore as qualified. By covering relevant topics on your company blog, you create a guiding, nutrient-rich platform that shines on your expertise.

The more often you post relevant and radiant content, the more customers will see you as a leader in your industry. As you cover various topics throughout your company garden, you also differentiate yourself from competitors while enlightening customers.

So be bright, take lead, and shine on!

Not Your Garden Variety Expert

It’s one thing to bud as an industry leader, but to really stand out from competitors, companies need to blossom, too. Blog posts aren’t just a chance to sow interest in your products or services; they’re also an opportunity to weed out conversations, too. Those discussions allow companies to recognize what matters most to their customers, whether the concern is specific to the industry, product/service, or your company specifically.

With regular blog posts that cover a variety of topics, companies can reap valuable information regarding customer concerns. Then, you can respond to those concerns with specific solutions, which shows customers you’re dedicated, compassionate, and sympathetic to their problems.

Tending to In-Season Trends

As an industry leader, it’s also important to harvest what’s in season, too. With a regularly updated company blog, companies can keep customers up-to-date with current trends, so they don’t miss out on seasonal exclusives.

Tending to in-season trends, whether industry-wide or specific to your company, keeps customers informed and engaged year-round. It’s also a strategy for budding interest based on topics customers might already be curious about and researching. By keeping up with those trends, you show customers you’re in the know—and know what you sow.

Plotting Website Traffic

With each blog post, you also plot a fresh path to your website for customers to follow. More website pages mean more traffic, which in turn produce more leads. Following that grapevine, leads yield garden-fresh sales, ripe and ready for the taking.

Whether website visitors unearth those blog posts from search engines or social media platforms, each post is a spot in the company garden they can explore, sift, and uproot reasons to convert into a customer. In that case, it’s probably a good idea to make sure you’ve got high converting copywriting on your side (don’t wither; we’ve got you).

With an updated company blog, you can turn that garden into an entire greenhouse of business growth!

SEO’s Fruitful Fertilizer

Not only is search engine optimization (SEO) fruitful, but it’s also a cost-effective strategy, too. With each blog post, you plant fresh content onto your company website, and search engines love that stuff. Not only that, but it’s organic (oh come on, we had to—that pun was tasteful, and you know it).

By optimizing your content for search engines, your blog posts can rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) far above your competitors’ posts. As you update your company blog and cover various topics, SEO allows you to rank for the long-tail search terms your customers are searching for most. It’s essential you post often, though, so your content remains fresh; otherwise, you might find yourself in the weeds and at the bottom of the SERPs.

Need to enhance your website with SEO-rich soils? We Doo that, too.

Opportunity-Rich Social Media Soils

Spring has sprung and the social media flowers are in full bloom! With an effective digital marketing strategy, though, you don’t need to wait until spring for your social media platforms to flourish. By featuring blog posts across your various social media accounts, you can leverage inbound links to your website while feeding your social media with relevant, original content.

As a result, you can watch your blog post posies blossom into bouquets and reach a wider audience of potential customers.

Now that’s flower power!

Harvest Business Opportunities With Your Updated Company Blog

With an updated company blog, you can get these eight marketing buds brilliantly blooming in no time. As potential customers visit your company blog, you’re attracting new business opportunities to your website so they’re all abuzz with interest!

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