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Dig Into a Deliciously Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

From clients such as TacoLu and Taco Bell, to even our own branding, the subject of tacos seems to come up in the office from time to time. Why shouldn’t it? After all, tacos are tasty! Better yet, they also contain ingredients for a deliciously successful digital marketing strategy!

Wait, what?

That’s right, we said it (and yes, this is definitely an excuse to talk about—and look at pictures of): TACOS! Targeting, Analytics, Cost-Efficiency, Optimization, Satisfied Customers. Using these flavorful ingredients, companies can develop a tasty marketing strategy that satisfies customers (and hopefully, appetites too!).

If you need to grab lunch before reading further, we don’t blame you. Just save some guac for us!


Think of targeting as the tortilla of your taco (that’s right, we’re going to enjoy this tasteful metaphor for as long as it lasts). Your target audience is the basis for all your remaining ingredients. Without it, you just have a mess on your hands (literally).

To develop a successful digital marketing strategy, companies need to consider who they’re communicating towards. Pinpointing basic demographics isn’t enough, though. You also need to consider purchasing behavior, what social media platforms customers use, and all those other lovely details that establish your consumer’s niche culture.

Once you know exactly who you’re speaking to, it’s all about composing and designing a message directed to that audience. Word choice, tone, imagery, and visual elements all combine to create marketing materials that speak to your target consumers. Eventually, brand loyalty will keep those same customers coming back for more.

With that target tortilla ready and waiting, you can start piling on the rest of your ingredients!


There’s nothing more appetizing to a successful digital marketing strategy than the answers hidden in analytics. Once you have your creative campaigns up and running, analyzing audience engagement can influence—and even inspire—future decisions.

What is your audience responding to? If you A/B tested your content by making small alterations in design or messaging, you may discover more responses towards one version compared to another. Using analytics, companies can verify what content works best with their target audience and develop future creative materials based on those interactions.

With digital marketing, companies can also make immediate changes to their campaigns based on their analytics. No more waiting out print campaigns and wasting money on what doesn’t work. Talk about a palate pleaser!


What is your absolute favorite taco topping? Do you spice it up with the intense zing of jalapenos, or get gooey with it for a cheesy finish? Regardless of the flavor combo you consider, more toppings can make those tasty tacos more expensive—but more delicious, too.

The same can be said for a marketing campaign. You can stack on different strategies, choose different audience groups, and increase your overall budget for a wider reach, but at the end of the day, the more you give isn’t necessarily the more you get.

For a successful digital marketing campaign, cost-efficiency is key. Why spend all that dough, just to get low returns? With an effective marketing strategy, part of the appeal is the control. Companies can decide exactly where to spend their marketing dollars, whether it’s a specific campaign, target audience, location, platform, or medium. Spend money on what works, reallocate cash from what doesn’t, and watch your ROI burn jalapeno hot.

That means you’ll have more money for the stuff that matters—like tacos!


Companies can choose from dozens of different marketing strategies to reach their customers. From search engine optimization (SEO) to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, digital marketing opens a multitude of possibilities. Think of all those taco toppings to choose from!

Okay, let’s not get crazy though. After all, not every topping (or strategy) appeals to every appetite.

When it comes to developing a successful digital marketing strategy, it’s important to optimize your campaigns. Whether your analytics indicate different messaging is more effective, or you need to increase your budget to reach a bigger pool of potential customers, changes from the original plan can make a big difference. By optimizing campaigns, companies can develop an ideal strategy that effectively reaches customers and inspires results. Yum!

Satisfied Customers For a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy.

With these ingredients, your company can develop a successful digital marketing strategy that’s bound to spark some savory success! An ideal campaign satisfies customers, providing everything they need as they make their way down the purchasing funnel. That way, they’re happy, you’re happy, and hey! We’ll be happy for you, too!

Need help building your TACOS? We have the perfect recipe. We’ll even bring the guac!

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