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Welcome Back Web Traffic With These PPC Remarketing Benefits

You come so close to closing a sale, only for potential customers to leave items in their online cart or tell you they need to think about it during a call. So, so close. Wish there was a way to give those customers a gentle nudge, reminding them of your product or service? Using remarketing, you can bring them back! Pay-per-click (PPC) remarketing strategies rekindle interest by attracting previous web traffic. As a result, you can close that sale! Check out these other PPC remarketing benefits and bring ‘em back like a boomerang!

Wait, What’s Remarketing?

Remarketing (also known as retargeting) attaches a cookie to your website visitor’s browser and “follows” their web activity. After they leave your website, your visual ads will display on the other websites and apps they visit. That way, you’re using a defined audience of potential customers you know have an interest in your product or service to connect with them a second time. Cool, right?

While there are many benefits to effective PPC advertising, remarketing has its own list of prosperous perks!

Buy, Buy, Buying Mindset

While print advertising has its own set of benefits, we live in a fast-paced world. Why window shop when we can grab our phones for some instant online retail therapy instead? While perusing online stores and shopping apps, your customers are already in the mindset to grab their wallets and make an online purchase. That’s the best time to remind them of your business!

Potential customers might see a flyer or billboard while they’re busy and forget all about visiting the shop or calling to schedule an appointment. With remarketing, however, you can target customers who are already in front of a computer or phone, ready to buy! As customers are searching online for the product or service they need, your ad can pop up, reminding them they already researched the ideal business to choose from!

With remarketing, you don’t have to say “bye” when customers leave your site. Instead, say “Buy, Buy, Buy!” (Okay, that was bad. We’ll spare you the NSYNC gif.)

Syrupy Sweet Segmenting

Let’s set the scene. When initially visiting your website, a customer searches for a specific product or service, such as waffles, for example (an Egg-cellent choice). Maybe they weren’t in the mood to reach for their phone (maybe it was across the room, we get that), or they got distracted before they could fill out the form. Don’t worry, that conversion isn’t completely lost!

Instead of showing that customer remarketing ads for pancakes (also yum) or a general breakfast spread, you can follow up with relevant ads. Segmenting allows you to separate website visitors based on the web page they originally visited. Then, you can show them ads relevant to that search. So as your original waffle web visitor peruses the Internet, your waffle-specific visual ads can attract them back to your website. As a result, they’re targeted with marketing specific to their wants (and who wouldn’t want waffles?).

As an added bonus, Google AdWords allows you to define additional audiences based on long-term interests (affinity groups), consumers actively researching products or services (intent), and people similar to your website visitors (called Lookalike Audiences for Facebook retargeting). You can even remarket to customers who added items to their shopping cart but didn’t complete the purchase. As a result, you can narrow your ad groups and show ads segmented based on your audience’s distinct interests.

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A Brand To Remember

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, the same can be said for the opposite! With remarketing, companies can remain in the forefront of their customers’ minds. As a result, customers are more likely to choose your company for the service or product they need. After all, with your remarketing display ad already there, your website is just a click away.

While the previously mentioned PPC remarketing benefits use targeting strategies, brand recall is an ideal strategy for your audience as a whole. Using custom-designed graphics that showcase your logo, customers are more likely to recognize your brand, especially after visiting your website. After all, search results text ads don’t allow you to use your logo. So why not work a little graphic design magic with effective, eye-catching visual ads that make your brand pop? Leveraging your brand identity across display PPC ads creates more opportunities for customers to recognize you among the rest.

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Recapture Conversions

By re-engaging customers who visited your website in the past, you can also improve your conversion rate. PPC remarketing allows you to give previous visitors a gentle nudge to complete their purchase. Remind them why they clicked on your ad in the first place, spark that consumer need, and bring them back to complete that shopping spree. That way, you can gain conversions you may have originally missed out on.

Potential customers might click on an ad, visit your landing page, and need time to think before making a purchase. With remarketing, you don’t have to worry about customers taking so much time that they become forgetful.

Skyrocket That ROI

With search PPC advertising, there’s some concern for wasted clicks. This, of course, depends on your targeting, keywords, and the negative keywords you want to avoid. There may also be high competition for the keywords you’re targeting, so your cost per click (CPC) might be higher than desired.

With PPC remarketing, however, you’re able to narrow down your audience even more. As we mentioned before, remarketing allows you to focus on people who are already interested in your product or service. You can set your bid strategy to viewable cost-per-thousand (CPM) to focus on impressions, or how many times people see your ad. As an added bonus, the CPC of a display ad is usually cheaper than a search ad, which improves your cost per conversion, too! That’s some sweet ROI.

Work These PPC Remarketing Benefits To Your Benefit

With these five PPC remarketing benefits, it’s no wonder more companies are adding remarketing as part of a successful digital marketing strategy. Ready to bring those visitors back like a boomerang? Hit us up!

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