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Spark Superhero Success With High Converting Copywriting

Look, in the sky! It’s a bird—no it’s a plane! No, wait, it’s…what is that? When marketing a product or service, your priority is to direct the customer’s attention towards a need. As a result, they’re bound to take action, so you can make a sale. Of course, it’s all about how you attract their eye (obviously, we can’t break out the Bat Signal whenever we’d like). One tried and true method for high converting copywriting is AIDA (and no, we don’t mean the Life Model Decoy from last season’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.).

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. While this AIDA may not be a superhero, you can still achieve superhero feats of success by copywriting for conversions! Watch those sales go up, up, and away with these copywriting tips!

With Great Power Comes Clear Purpose

Every superhero has a purpose, a mission. When it comes to copywriting, your mission should be clear, too. Whether it’s a clever headline, informative blog post, or an entire email campaign, consider the impact you’re aiming for. What action are you encouraging readers to take? Maybe you want your audience to download a white paper, make a purchase, or contact you for more information. By considering your call-to-action (CTA) from the very start, you know exactly where to focus all that super strength in your copy.

Another way to clarify your mission is by breaking the information down into smaller segments. Organizing your thoughts by sub-headings and bullets makes it easier for your audience to absorb mass amounts of text. This also clarifies the material’s main purpose. For a flyer or ad, sub-headings and bullets can balance the design, instead of occupying space with a large block of text. For blog posts and landing pages, the sub-headings tie back to the main focus, so your audience remembers why they’re reading in the first place.

Be direct, clear, and concise with your purpose. As a result, the power behind your words will inspire your audience to take action, so you can see those conversions fly high!

Every Hero Has A Story To Tell

Who doesn’t love a good origin story? After all, it gives even the most out of this world heroes a relatable human element. By telling a story within the copy, you can attract customers with a relatable experience. Use that story to show them a need, empathize with their pain points, and capture their interest. Then, show them the solution your product or service offers to drive their desire towards action.

Storytelling allows companies to evoke emotion and offer information. It also builds brand loyalty and trust, so customers begin to depend on your product or service.

As cool as super-suits and artificially intelligent computer systems sound, they can’t replace human connection.

Pack A Punch With Powerful Verbs

Most superheroes have their witty one-liners that pack a serious verbal punch. With powerful headlines and potent verbs, you can compose copy that leaves a lasting impact. Snag their attention and keep their interest to lead customers towards a conversion.

For an effective headline, keep clear of buzzwords and industry jargon. That way, you can keep readers focused instead of muddling the text. This also keeps the language personable, so the text reads like a conversation. Using shorter sentences has this effect as well. Finally, choose words readers will recognize and connect to. “Seize” describes a more vivid action than “Get,” but “Procure” might be a bit too much.

For high converting copywriting, remember who your audience is and the mission you’ve set out to achieve. Then, reiterate that mission using verbs that excite customers and inspire action!

Share the Benefits

Once you have your target audience’s attention, you need to shift their interest into desire. That way, customers will want your product or service for themselves. One way to spark that “must have” feeling is by sharing benefits. By helping customers understand all the ways your product or service improves their lives, they’ll recognize a need and want it for themselves.

Benefits are the superhero-saving portion of your product or service. Every hero is a little different—with their stylish costumes and epically awesome powers—but what sets your company apart are considered features, not benefits. Instead, think about what customers gain. What does your product save them from? Are they time-saving, energy-saving, stress-saving? When drafting your copy, consider those benefits and bring them to the forefront!

Benefit-focused copy can also give customers a sense of belonging and trendsetting while simultaneously responding to a customer’s need. It’s all in the messaging.

Sharing the feel-good benefits will get customers all grabby hands for your product or service. As a result, you can lead them from the desire portion of AIDA to the best part—action!

The Power of Empathy

Speaking of feel-good vibes, the emotions you put into copy can encourage conversions, too. While leading customers through the AIDA process, allow the intended emotion to spur their action. Sparking excitement, intrigue, or even reassurance can all lead customers towards a conversion.

While drafting your copy, consider the emotion you’re aiming to leverage. There’s anger, anticipation, trust, fear, disgust, sadness, surprise, and of course, joy. Then, alter your word choice to have that emotional impact. Check out this list of emotion-based words if you’re in need of inspiration.

This award-winning Always campaign used an insulting yet familiar phrase to encourage their audience to take action by changing the phrase’s meaning. A key takeaway here is the importance of understanding your audience. Another way to add a personal touch is to use “You” and “Your” throughout the copy. By making copy personal, you’re able to speak directly to your customer. Customers want companies that care about their needs. If you know what customers are looking for, you can empathize with their situation and become that solution.

Use the power of empathy for high converting copywriting inspired by what customers are feeling. Once you have their attention, encourage them to take action and complete a conversion!

Send Up That Spidey Signal With a CTA

We mentioned CTAs earlier as the inspiration behind your superheroic mission. As the action that leads to a conversion, its importance is paramount. After all, there wouldn’t be much use calling on a superhero if they didn’t actually do something, right?

When it comes to your CTA’s copy, the language should insist on a specific action. That way, customers are directed straight towards the action you want them to take. You can also spark immediate action by adding urgency to your CTA. “Buy Now!” or availability windows— “Before This Sale Ends Today!”—urge customers not to wait. “Snatch One Off The Shelf Before They’re All Gone!” combines action with urgency to get customers moving.

Another way to boost your CTA is matching that urgency with the benefits we mentioned earlier. What do customers gain by taking action? “Sign Up Now For Your Free Consultation” directs customers to a specific action and gives them something in return.

Don’t forget those powerful verbs! Using direct word choice and short sentences turns otherwise lengthy CTAs into effective, hero-worthy catchphrases.

Take—and inspire—action by including these components in your high converting copywriting.

Optimize Out The Kryptonite For High Converting Copywriting

The best way to discover the most effective copy for your target audience is by A/B testing. Revise your copy by making small variances in the headline, body text, or CTA. Then, you can compare the response head to head. Be sure to make only one change per test, so you can recognize what made the difference.

By A/B testing your copy, you can gain new data about your target audience, then optimize your copy for more successful results!

With these tips, you can draft high converting copywriting in no time. Need a little help achieving these superheroic marketing feats? That’s what we Doo!

Before we go, here’s one last piece of high-fly, superhero advice.

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