Company Content Marketing Strategy Improvements

Get a Leap on These Company Content Marketing Strategy Improvements

Do you ever feel like you’re jumping over hurdles to compose blog posts or social media updates? While simultaneously running a business and creating unique, quality content might pose a challenge, it doesn’t have to. Discovering new resources for content can bolster your brand, attract new customers, and keep existing customers leaping for joy about your business. So get a jump on it! With these company content marketing strategy improvements, fresh posts are just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Experiment Before You Leap

As the saying goes, look before you leap. However, it’s usually a lot easier to know where to look, first. Every industry contains different audience groups, each with their own preferences for content. While some customers want to read informative blog posts, others might want to view video demos or quirky Boomerangs of your company. Knowing your customers is an effective first step—and can get them wanting to know you, too!

By experimenting with different content, headlines, and/or platforms, you can glean what your customers respond to most. A/B testing variations can offer insight into customer engagement. It’s also a lot more cost-effective than putting your entire marketing budget into a strategy you’re not sure will work. As a result, you know exactly where to look before you leap with new content.

Jump Start Brand Personality

Content marketing is an uplifting opportunity to allow a company brand identity to speak for itself. What about your company helps you stand out from the competition? Maybe it’s your eco-friendly products, dedication to customer service, a priority for value, or a distinguishable personality? Trader Joe’s puts their products at the forefront of their marketing efforts while creating a unique atmosphere featuring Hawaiian shirts, comical cartoons, and, of course, great food. That personality is exactly how Trader Joe’s stands out—and it’s clear throughout their content, too.

By adding that brand personality to high converting copywriting within blog posts, email campaigns, and social media posts, customers will begin to recognize that unique voice as yours. An eye-catching company color palette can add to your strategy, too. Show customers the authenticity of who you are and they’ll leap at the chance to learn more about what you have to offer!

Get a Jump on Responsiveness

Many companies jump at the opportunity to interact with their customers. Whether you decide to get a jump on social media comments, respond to new FAQs through blog posts, or send a creative and engaging email campaign, customers will be quick to respond when you respond to them in turn. Those speedy responses show empathy regarding their questions or concerns and can help build brand loyalty for the long term. Happy customers who have interacted with your company on a personal level are also more likely to provide customer reviews, which can also give your SEO a lift. As you demonstrate that quality customer service, you can establish new connections, spread word of mouth (or social media posts), and boost interest with new customers, too!

That’s bound to be exciting. (What? It wasn’t that much of a leap.)

Leaps and Rebranding Bounds

Companies don’t have to overgo a complete brand redesign in order to rebrand their content. However, it is important to show customers that you’re relevant to their current needs. It could be as simple as sharing your content on new social media platforms to keep customers up-to-date with the latest company happenings or composing new blog posts that answer their current concerns. It might mean keeping old traditions but revamping them for new audiences.

Taking a new approach and continuously making company content marketing strategy improvements keeps your customers on their toes. As a result, you can keep them excited and interested in your content as well as your business.

One Giant Leap for Expertise

Customers often look to content for company news, entertaining posts, and expertise. They want to know they’re choosing a company that is knowledgeable and experienced, and therefore capable of answering their questions and needs. Content marketing allows companies to show off that knowledge. In addition to educating and informing customers, content such as video tutorials, demos, explanatory blog posts, and infographics all show customers that you can be trusted as a resource. When searching for new content to post, consider the questions customers might have and how you can offer them answers.

That’s one small step towards making company content marketing strategy improvements, one giant leap for engaging and retaining customers!

Leap For Joy With These Company Content Marketing Strategy Improvements

By supporting your overall content consistency marketing strategy, these content marketing strategy improvements can encourage brand loyalty, boost interest, and help customer engagement reach new heights! No more jumping through hoops for quality content—instead, you’ll be jumping for joy as new leads start springing into view.

Think you’re bound to need help clearing content hurdles? Jump over here. That’s what we Doo!

Shading Options: Flat vs. Dynamic Design


Coloring vector shapes for logos uses either flat colors or gradients. Flat logos typically consist of one or two single shades of color that are applied across the whole shape. Gradient logos use two shades of colors that fade into each other to give a sense of dimension and really help make the logo pop. All gradient logos designed by Doohickey® include a flat color version.

Brand Style Guide: Establish Professional

Brand Guidelines


Your logo is the face of your business, it's usually what gives people their first impressions before engaging with your brand directly. We put a lot of care into our logo designs by arranging compositions, choosing the right typefaces, packing designs with meaning and more. With a brand style guide, you'll be able to create a more cohesive brand identity across every corner of your business. From brochures to websites and more, we'll help you build an even stronger look and feel for your brand with custom-made brand style guide.

Color Options: Coverage for All Applications


Choosing the right colors is an important part in creating your brand identity, but did you know there are different types of coloring systems in graphic design?

RGB: is typically how your monitor displays color using light.
CMYK: A printing process where the ink is applied on press in a 4 step layered process.
Pantone: A color matching system with set swatches that are premixed and used in printing (like paint at the store)
Hex: A color-coding system used on websites.

File Types: Raster vs. Vector


When it comes to logos, it’s important to have the right files for the right occasion. Pixel-based raster files like JPEGs and PNGs are what you normally see on the web, they come in smaller file sizes and are easy for web browsers to load. However, these files are limited in their size and trying to use them in anything larger than a business card for print can result in low quality pixelation. With EPS and PDF files, you will be able to scale your design to any large sized print and retain the sharpness and quality of the design. This allows your logo to be applied practically anywhere from merchandise to large scale advertising such as billboards.

Select a Style: Customizing Your Logo

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IOSync Logo Design

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