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4 Ways A Company Color Palette Bakes Strategy Into Your Brand

Our team has a fairly healthy sweet tooth (some would call it unhealthy, but we’ll agree to disagree). Of course, we all have our individual tastes, which means a mixed bag of choices—or box, in some cases. Some of us are on team chocolate mint, while others are loud and proud about that peanut butter chocolate mood. A box of donuts for our team is never as simple as “plain glazed,” and there’s beautiful creativity in the vibrant selection we end up with. When it comes to developing a company color palette, you won’t appeal to customers by being the “plain glazed” option in your industry. Instead, companies tend to choose a color scheme that reflects their “flavor,” or brand, and helps them stand out from the competition.

A company color palette is a deliciously essential element to your overall graphic design strategy. Choosing the right color scheme can give your company an eye-catching, enticing advantage in the industry. Get a taste of these four ways a distinctive company color palette can bake successful marketing strategies into your brand!

Maple Bacon Brand Recognition

What’s shakin’, bacon? Customers tend to choose what they know, right? After all, we have a habit of choosing our fave flavors time and time again. That preference and familiarity are both established over time, but it’s the sweet consistency that brings us back to savor more.

Company color palettes offer an element of consistency to your marketing materials, too. With a content consistency marketing strategy, companies can add some sizzle to their brands, cook up new business, and retain hungry customers. By implementing that consistency within the company brand, customers begin feeling that familiarity. A color scheme acts as a component of your company’s overall brand identity, so that unique, stand-out flavor helps customers recognize your company without thought. Eventually, that immediate brand recognition becomes brand loyalty, keeping customers coming back for another taste.

Whether you have a product that sits on the shelves or service vehicles that drive around town, a one-of-a-kind color scheme gives your company a flare of flavor customers won’t associate with anyone else. That’s one way to bring home the bacon!

Apple Fritter Associations

A company color palette can do a hole lot more than decorate your brand. While a recognizable color scheme may just seem like sugar coating, the right combination of colors can also draw on emotions and associations to have a complete impact on customers.

Color psychology is the delectable jelly filling to an already enticing company color palette. While customers see your brand on the outside, color psychology uses meaning and emotion to take that flavor palette to the next level. Different colors and varying shades can communicate authority, entice appetites, or spark an emotional response. When choosing a company color palette, it’s important to consider what your overall brand is trying to convey to customers. A lush green says organic and healthy, while red goes big and bold. The right combination of colors, however, can amalgamate those meanings to meet your company’s unique goals. As a result, you have a company color palette that’s filled with more than just flavor—it sprinkles in marketing strategies, too!

Sprinkle-Topped Target Audience

We’ll let you in on the special ingredient: it’s knowing who your customers are. Different market segments—which include variables such as age groups, buyer’s personas, and psychologies—respond to different color palettes. What do your customers care about? What already attracts their eye? With knowledge of your target audience, it’s easier to develop a company color palette that appeals to their interests for an appetizing effect.

As companies grow to offer new products and expand into new industries, brands may begin to change—which means a new target audience, too. Whether you’re making small changes or going for an entirely new recipe, it might be time for a brand redesign, and a new company color palette as well. Developing a color scheme with your precise audience in mind allows you to precisely target those customers.

As a result, customers won’t glaze past your marketing materials. Instead, you’ll create a company color palette meant to entice their unique tastes for mouthwatering results!

Cinnamon Competition

If presented with a box of plain glazed donuts that all look identical, you’re like to choose one at random. Every industry is that box, offering customers with a selection of companies to choose from. A unique brand that features an eye-catching color palette stands out, offering the incentive of a one-in-a-kind experience. Once you’ve caught their attention, you can show customers every competitive advantage that truly makes your company unique.

With a strong brand identity, you can differentiate your company within the industry, show off your value, and attract customers. As part of your brand identity, a company color palette can help customers distinguish your company from the competition, so when they’re presented with that box of companies in your industry, all they see is you.

Now that’s a delicious opportunity for enticing marketing strategies!

Choose a Brand-Powdered Company Color Palette

The right combination of alluring hues can attract your target audience so they stay and savor your company for the long term. With a well-developed company color palette to boost your brand, you can stand out in the industry, too. Looking good is just icing on the cake (oops, wrong dessert!).

Unsure of where to start? Donut worry. We have your recipe for success right here.

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