Video Content Marketing SEO Benefits

Hit High Score Status With These Video Content Marketing SEO Benefits

There’s nothing quite like the achievement of seeing your name at the top of a high score screen after long, dedicated hours of gameplay. Whether it was Asteroids, Tetris, or Pacman, high score status always felt like a win—and proof your hard work paid off. Companies can spark that same sense of accomplishment winning their way to the top of a search engine results page (SERP) with some strong search engine optimization (SEO) game, too! Instead of a video game strategy, though, let a video marketing strategy grant you that win. With these video content marketing SEO benefits, companies can achieve new marketing high scores and beat out the competition. So grab your controller and get in the game!

Ready, player one?

Kirby’s Content Strategy

Insert coin and get ready to (press) play! Just like old times, right? Fortunately, there’s nothing old about video content. By featuring new marketing videos on their websites, companies can step up their content marketing game. Offering customers original and regular content keeps your company at the forefront of their minds. With consistent content marketing, however, companies can give their brand a power up and take their strategy to the next level. Whether you choose to review new products, demonstrate your services, or post a reoccurring vlog covering industry trends, videos can provide that power boost you’re searching for.

As part of a company’s content marketing strategy, videos can also enhance your social media presence. By hosting your videos through YouTube or Vimeo and linking your website in the description, you can earn qualified referral traffic and increase your reach! As bonus points, posting your video on multiple social media platforms increases views and social shares, thereby increasing its value to Google, which boosts your SERPs ranking. Score!

As a result, you won’t need Kirby’s copy ability for an effective content strategy. Instead, you’ll have an original ability of your own: company video content that keeps customers coming back for more.

Sonic That SERP Ranking

Sonic the Hedgehog might be known for his speed, but achieving the top level of a SERP ranking is often a long game. Many of these video content marketing SEO benefits are, thankfully, here to help your company website reach that top spot. Think of each SEO strategy as another level or track in the game; with the right combination of moves, you’ll hit that ultimate score for an epic win.

There are multiple ways to optimize website video content to find your SEO stride. Choosing the right long-tail keyword (a combination of words customers may search when looking for your product or service) is level one. By optimizing your video content for searches, customers are able to find your company for the information they’re looking for. That means keyword research, metadata, even adding transcripts of your video. As a result, you can help Google recognize the value of your content, kick that SEO to super-sonic speed, and launch your website to the top!

Super Mario Branding

Among these video content marketing SEO benefits, this one stands out (like a certain red hat and mustache we all know). Regardless of how many years have passed, everyone can recognize Mario by those distinguishing features. That’s in part thanks to his strong brand identity (a fandom doesn’t hurt, either). Video content is also a branding opportunity. By featuring your logo in the opening and closing sequences of your video, or showcasing products/services in the content, you can draw on your brand for mega results.

As part of your company’s creative marketing strategy, video content often inspires a lot of research. Recognizing industry trends, responding to customer questions, and leveraging the topics your customers show interest in can all creatively set your company apart. By achieving that SEO high score, beating out the competition at the top of SERPs, and offering industry insight, companies also demonstrate their expertise to potential customers. As those customers begin to rely on your company for information, they’ll visit your website or search for that video content, which gives brand loyalty a 1-UP. As a result, Google will recognize the valuable content you have to offer and increase your SEO high score or help you maintain that lead.

Sound like a game plan? Then let’s-a-go!

Pac-Man Website Traffic

Don’t ghost out yet! There are still a few more video content marketing SEO benefits to hit that high score. Each time companies post a new video on their website and optimize the content for search engines, they’re creating a new SEO roadway—another path customers can travel to discover that company’s website. As a result, customers won’t have to navigate the maze of SERPs to find you, especially if you’re at the top of the page!

As part of your digital marketing strategy, video content marketing uses target audience research and analytics to pinpoint what customers are responding to most. You may discover that your customers are searching a specific long-tail keyword more often than the keyword you’ve optimized your content for. By analyzing the data, your company can develop a cost-effective strategy to optimize those SEO roadways, thereby driving more traffic to your company website!

Video content SEO doesn’t only drive more traffic to your website; it also encourages them to stay. As customers remain on your company website to watch the video, you’re also decreasing your bounce rate (the rate of website visitors who leave without performing an action) and increase your website’s click-through-rate. Using enticing, accurate video titles and rich video snippets will increase those stats, too. Since both bounce rate and click-through-rate affect the Google content value, they can play a big part in your company’s overall SEO strategy. Waka waka!

The Legend of Conversions

How’s that high score status treating ya? As your video content increases website traffic and helps your website ranking reach new SEO heights, those website visitors will begin to venture through the sales funnel. Though all start their adventure as website visitors, some will emerge as leads. Eventually, those leads will complete their journey by becoming converters (and hopefully repeat customers, too!).

Videos are an effective strategy for marketing your product/service or providing customers with insight into your business. By engaging and informing customers with relevant video content, companies can encourage purchases, increase sales, and feel the winning ROI that video marketing offers, too. Now that’s the stuff of legends!

Get In the Game With These Video Content Marketing SEO Benefits

Adding videos to your company website isn’t just part of a digital marketing strategy. Rather, videos can become an effective element of a company’s SEO strategy, too. As a result, you can increase website traffic, up your SERP ranking, and convert those website visitors into loyal customers. Score! With these video content marketing SEO benefits, your company can win that high score slot.

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