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Why SEO Is Important: Accessing Website Roadways

By now, you’re probably tired of hearing all the reasons why SEO is important. Don’t worry; we’ll spare you this time. However, your SEO keywords—or various combinations of keywords—might be causing you to close roads to potential website traffic without realizing it.

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This is a Perfect Marketing Blog Post

This is a perfect marketing blog post. No, really. We’ve all set marketing blog posts on the backburner, allowing more prevalent tasks to demand attention. A looming deadline isn’t an excuse for a post that inspires yawns instead of its real call-to-action, though.

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Doohickey Services Search Engine Optimization

Wait, Google’s Storing What?

How many times have you Googled your own company? Come on, it’s okay; we all do it. After all, it’s great seeing your company’s site at the top of Google’s first page. Unfortunately, that might not be your real ranking.

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Marketing Neighbor at the Beaches

As we ride our bikes around town (when the weather isn’t freezing) we see signs here and there on little back road offices that look like old beach houses. We see signs along 3rd Street, but may only take notice of our local favorite restaurants. Well, did you know that you have some Marketing pros in Neptune Beach?

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Prospect to a lead to a sale Doohickey Creative Website

Prospect to a Lead to a Sale

Keep reading and I’ll lead you down the path of how I found you, sparked your interest, and will ultimately gain your business. Along the way, you will also learn how we can help you follow the same path to grow your business.

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