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Dive Into These Digital Advertising Benefits & Print Advertising Benefits

Thanks to Finding Nemo, we all know it’s safest in an anemone (don’t hurt yourself saying that three times fast). A quick marine biology lesson: anemones and clownfish actually survive through a mutually beneficial coexistence. Clownfish hide within the protection of the anemone’s stinging tentacles, while the anemone gets a free cleanup crew and bodyguard. It’s pretty cool. By bringing their individual strengths forward, the two thrive from a symbiotic relationship. Digital advertising benefits and print advertising benefits excel in a similar way. To us, that’s way cooler.

Instead of floundering between digital and print advertising (yeah, we have a ton of these fin-tastic puns coming your way), you can create a marketing strategy that implements both. As a result, you’re shore to reel in leads! Dive into these digital advertising benefits and print advertising benefits to see those shimmering waters for yourself.

Digital Advertising Benefits

The digital deep sea is brimming with advertising opportunities! As the online atmosphere changes, new digital advertising strategies rise to the surface. That allows companies to float different options and discover what best suits their customers. As a result, you have a strategy that’s ship shape!

A Long-Term Porpoise.

Digital advertising is a strategy that sets companies up for long-term business success. With the lure of so many options, companies can design a multi-faceted advertising campaign. As a result, you can appeal to different audience groups, market different products or services, and develop different strategies for whatever waters the horizon brings!

Shrimply Autopilot.

Digital advertising allows companies to use automation, so you can work with productivity and efficiency on your side. Just choose the budget, your audience, a few other strategic details, and your digital ads will propel themselves into the deep sea of success.

That way, you can just keep swimming and build your business!

Spot Specific Shellfish.

With digital advertising, you don’t have to cast a wide net and hope you catch the right customers. Instead, companies can pinpoint the exact customers they’re aiming for based on purchasing behavior, search terms, the websites they visit, and other specific variables. That way, you can direct ads towards customers who are more likely to make a purchase. Your corner of the sea awaits!

Seaweed Make It Easy.

With digital advertising, companies can make changes even after campaigns go live. Daily data allows companies to make informed decisions, too, instead of having to wait around for some indication of what’s working. That ease of use also offers the opportunity to A/B test different text or visual options. With such easy access to instant data, companies can then determine what ads customers swim towards, and optimize from there. Sea? Easy.

Cod-Effective Options.

Whether your budget is whale-y big or not, digital advertising allows you to make the most of that budget. Digital advertising allows you to allocate portions of your budget to specific audiences, ads, platforms—you name it. Instead of being koi with your budget, you can direct the daily spend towards successful strategies indicated by the data, so you spend money on what works best.

Shine a Lighthouse With Remarketing.

Need kelp reaching out to customers who didn’t make a purchase the first time? Remarketing—or re-targeting—allows companies to showcase ads to recent website visitors. That way, you can develop a strategy specific to cart-abandoners, previous buyers, or curious potential customers and speak their language to bring them back.

Print Advertising Benefits

You’ve probably heard the phrase “print is dead,” but we promise, it’s alive and making splashes. Whether it’s a billboard, brochures, or flyers, print advertising can benefit your overall marketing strategy.

Without it, you might be missing out on a key portion of your target audience. Here are a few print advertising benefits that paper and ink bring forward.


Printing ads in a magazine or newspaper allows companies to leverage the publication’s long-standing reputation as a credible resource.

Digital ads are easy to change on the fly, but that also leaves readers to question content and sources. Print, however, holds a certain amount of prestige, and can’t be altered once in circulation. As a result, customers who see your print ads will hoist sail with your company above others!

Engaging Tidal Waving.

Online content is often designed for quick browsing and easy accessibility. As a result, it’s easy for customers to scroll right past digital ads. With print advertising, however, customers are more likely to engage with the page your ad is on for longer than a few seconds. That way, they experience your ad long enough to soak in those righteous waves!

Many newspaper and magazine readers tend to be loyal subscribers, too. As a result, their brand loyalty to the publication can transfer to your company when they see your ads.


With different ad sizes available, print advertising has its own range of options, too. Companies can choose whether to show their ads on flyers, large billboards in high traffic areas, or publications that appeal to their distinct audience. With so many options, companies have the flexibility to develop a print strategy that targets their distinct customer base.

Content Otter Be Side-By-Side.

Some publications allow companies to choose the pacific placement of their ads relative to other content. By choosing to position your ad alongside a relevant article—such as a summer camp ad placed alongside an article about different local camps—companies have another opportunity to target their specific customers. That otter be perfect!

A Permanently Tangible Tide.

With print advertising, customers can hold ads in their hands and hold onto them as long as they wish. That tangible permanence appeals to many audiences and gives your print materials multiple opportunities to leave an impression.

Don’t forget, print ads also allow companies to appeal to an additional sense—touch. Customers can interact with the texture, custom die-cut reveals, or foils for an added wave of wow. Print materials—whether a magazine ad or a company brochure—often get passed around among friends and colleagues, too. Try doing that with a digital ad!

Sharks Stand Out.

As more and more companies move to a digital-only strategy, print advertising is more likely to stand out. Print flyers and billboards leap from the sea of digital ads and make an impression by emerging from the crowd. Plus, customers will see your ads whether or not their eyes are glued to a phone. For companies that really want to stand out, you can add printing techniques such as die-cuts and textures for real visual appeal. That way, you’re totally bound to make a splash!

Together They Bring High Tides!

These print advertising benefits work alongside digital advertising benefits to build both your brand and business. Together, their combined strengths form a solidified campaign strategy, opening you to a sea of possibilities.

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