Blog Post search engine optimization benefits

Make Website Traffic Waves With These Blog Post Search Engine Optimization Benefits

As consumers, we tend to “channel surf” the web, searching through different company websites until we find waters that are just right. Those websites tend to be the first few that show above the fold of a search engine results page (SERP). As a company, it’s important to aim for those tip-top positions so customers “sea” your website before a competitor’s. Thankfully, there are a few marketing strategies to help companies reach those high sailing rankings, such as search engine optimization (SEO). With these blog post search engine optimization benefits, you can make a splash and send new customers barreling towards your website. It’s time to make some waves. Surfs up!

Targeting Those Gnarly Waves

When surfers head out towards the waves, they know the ideal conditions they’re searching for. Web surfers are the same way. As customers, we search a specific series of keywords (also known as a longtail keyword) to find the product or service we’re looking for. Blog post SEO allows companies to target those ideal potential customers by focusing each blog post on a different longtail keyword. Since longtail keywords are composed of multiple terms relevant to your target audience, your blog post has the potential to show up for any of those terms.

Each blog post (whether text or video content) has the potential to bring in traffic for a different topic, keyword, product, or service. By covering a range of relevant topics within your blog posts, each post can bring in traffic for a different reason. With an effective blog post search engine optimization strategy, you can target those surfers as they search for your product or service. Rad!

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Address Epic Pain Points

When the waves get choppy and a challenging situation presents itself, we search the web for a solution. With blog posts, your target audience can hit the web for a solution to their problems and discover your company blog. Cowabunga—their questions are answered! By addressing customer pain points within your search engine optimized blog posts, you also provide customers with a favorable user experience.

Your potential customers aren’t surfing around for just any company. They want someone who offers a solution to their problems. By addressing those pain point within blog posts, companies can show potential customers they’re a relevant resource. Once your SEO strategy is in effect to help you reach that top spot on SERPs, your company can become a credible resource for solving those pain points, too.

The Crest of Credibility

Staying ahead of the curve (and at the top of those stellar waves) with an epic SEO strategy also helps build business credibility. Appearing at the top of SERPs helps your company appear knowledgeable regarding that topic. As customers search for a product or service and discover your company as one of their initial search results (and the answer to those pain points we talked about), they’ll be more likely to consider your company as an authority on the subject.

Seeing your company appear in the lead also builds trust and brand loyalty, turning SEO into a long-term strategy for long-term customers. Now that’s stellar.

Wipe Out the Competition

As your company blog posts reach high-towering waves on SERPs, you also have the chance to wipe out the competition. Achieving (and maintaining) the top position for numerous keyword searches allows your company to rank higher on the page—and higher than competitor companies within the same industry. With more top-ranking keywords, your blog post search engine optimization benefits not only website traffic, but your company’s position in the industry as well. Ranking above the competition puts websites (literally) in the position to appear as a higher authority than other companies. As potential customers surf the web, seeing your company first amongst a sea of possibilities can give your company the added advantage you need to bring those customers in.

Regular, Tubular Content

Getting amped with these blog post search engine optimization benefits yet? The more unique, industry-relevant content companies post to their websites, the stronger that epic SEO strategy becomes!

Maintaining an updated company blog allows other marketing strategies to surge with new success, too. By creating new opportunities to reach customers—whether on search engines, social media platforms, or other avenues of your digital marketing strategy—blog post SEO can make legendary strides to bring in new leads.

Posting regular, unique content is a cost-effective, long-term strategy, too. Google’s algorithm makes quality content a priority over quantity, so a content consistency marketing strategy that gives SEO lots of love will keep you rising up those SERP ranks. As a result, you can ride on a wave of high ROI and coast towards a skyline of success!

An Ocean of Conversions

Catch the next wave of blog post SEO benefits by boosting your conversion rate. Targeting specific keywords—and therefore, specific audiences—through blog post search engine optimization benefits potential customers who are in the buying mood. Your company website is also an effective sales tool as SEO puts your web content in the spotlight (or sunlight!). As a result, you can increase leads, which can be converted into sales. That way, those surfers find the information they need on your website, then choose your company as the one they depend on. With an SEO strategy that targets potential customers by pain points you can solve, you also make them more likely to convert into paying customers. Pretty soon, you’ll be on a Hawaiian roller coaster ride of conversions. Cowabunga indeed!

Brand Awareness Brine

These blog post search engine optimization benefits aren’t all centered around sales. As your company’s website position swells higher on SERPs for various keywords, customers will see your company name the moment they complete a search. Since web surfers tend to click on links featured at the top of the first results page, that top position can increase brand awareness for your company, too!

Dive into A Surge of Success With These Blog Post Search Engine Optimization Benefits

With these blog post search engine optimization benefits, you can make some waves as potential customers are surfing the web. As your SERP ranking rises higher and higher to reach the crest of those stellar waves, more web surfers will see you beating out the competition. Feeling stoked? We have your epic surge of strategies ready to go!

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