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The most important things to us are your happiness and your success. We’re not the kind of graphic designers that just make pretty things, we make pretty things with a purpose… That experience comes from years of helping businesses sprout and grow. Let us help you grow too.

Pdf, Jpeg, Eps, Psd, Png, Gif, RGB, CMYK, Pantone, Hex, Vector, Rasterized, HUH?

All this logo lingo have you scratching your head?

I hear ya. Here’s your crash course…

  • Vector Eps:  Scalable, meaning you can make them as big as you want without losing quality. Ideal for professional printing, embroidery, silkscreening, billboards, and signs
  • Jpegs: Ideal for websites, videos, PowerPoints, and Word docs.
  • Pngs: Similar to jpegs, but they allow for transparent backgrounds. The file size is typically larger than a jpeg.
  • Pantone: A color matching system with set swatches that are premixed and used in printing (like paint at the store)
  • CMYK: A printing process where the ink is applied on press in a 4 step layered process.
  • Hex: A color-coding system used on websites.
  • RGB: is typically how your monitor displays color using light.

There’s more to it than that, but the ultimate question is, do you get all the appropriate files from us? The answer is YES!

The Process


Everything from your industry, brand, target audience, and company’s personality comes into play when we brainstorm potential logo designs.​

technical drawing of vista realty partners logo


We create clean, scalable files for use across any medium. From websites to billboards our logos are always sharp and always precise.


The right color palette can change the entire mood of your logo. We develop a palette that combines color psychology and your brand for that perfect fit.

vista realty partners debossed printed logo


We bring these various design components together to bring you an eye-catching, memorable logo that gives your brand that real wow-factor.​

Yeah, We Doo That Too.

If it has to do with marketing your business, then chances are it’s something we do. Want to talk about growing your business with our creative marketing services?

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