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Put the Pedal to the Metal With a Company Website Redesign

Readers, buckle your seatbelts, because we’re in for a rush! An ROI rush, that is. Imagine the wind running through your hair, the sun reflecting against your Ray-Bans, and your company revenue growth soaring at new speeds. A company website is the driving force behind so many marketing campaigns. In many cases, it’s the starting line; the first glimpse and source of insight potential customers have into your company. With a strategic company website redesign, though, you can lead web visitors to the finish line, convert them to customers, and feel that rush of returns!

Sometimes you just need routine maintenance, but every few years, you might decide that trading in for an entirely new website is the way to go. Either way, you can put the pedal to the metal with these reasons to schedule a company website redesign!

Banking on the Brand

A unique brand identity is designed to help your entire company stand out, so you don’t get stuck in bumper to bumper rush hour traffic with competitors. It also creates a connection between various marketing materials, from flyers to your storefront to—you guessed it—your website. However, a website that doesn’t match your overall company brand identity could be a wrench in the plans.

By maintaining a consistent brand across numerous channels, your company becomes more recognizable to customers. If your company recently decided it was time for a company brand redesign, don’t forget to include your website, too!

A company website redesign can boost your brand identity, reflect your current marketing strategy, and leave a lasting impression on customers. As a result, your website plays a big part in the overall brand, and that’s a strategy you can bank on!

Drafting Content

On older, outdated websites, it can be difficult to make small content changes on your own. From maintaining an updated company blog to accurate service pages, a content marketing strategy is essential. Otherwise, your content could appear outdated and lack consistency. Sounds like a website—and business—that’s all out of gas.

By moving your website to an easy to use content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, you can update your website content on your own! As a result, your products, services, PR announcements, blog posts, staff pages, everything remains relevant and up-to-date. Trust your developers (hi!) for the big stuff, and make the minor content tweaks without hassle or delay. That way, you don’t have to hit the brakes anytime you want to show customers something new.

However, it’s important to remember the Internet is a highway of innovation and progress. Any CMS is likely to have updates, including theme and plugin changes. Don’t forget to get regular oil changes to ensure your entire company website is running smoothly and headed down that road of progress, too!

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Exterior Update

Driving around the same old circuit where the scenery never changes can get dull, fast. No one’s a fan of bumpy roads and potholes, either. Sometimes, the roadways need refreshing, and websites do too. A company website redesign might require a lot more than a few minor exterior repairs, though, especially if your industry is on the fast-track.

If your company did refuel the entire brand—from the logo, color scheme, typeface, to messaging and imagery—a company website redesign should follow down the same road. A refreshed look can go a long way wowing customers. It also waves a flag towards the fact that your company is timely, relevant, and involved in the latest industry trends.

Once your website is decked out to look rave-worthy, the next step is to get it functioning that way, too.

Interior Upgrade

A website interior with all the tricks doesn’t have to mean anything extreme. Instead, a company website redesign should focus on functionality, so customers get where they need to go and find what they’re looking for. Whether it’s reorganizing navigation, checking to ensure links are working properly, or using just the right plugins for the job, an interior upgrade can go a long way.

Industry trends can influence website functionality, too. Customers are making more and more purchases online. It might be time to add Woo-Commerce functionality to your website, so your company can take online product purchases, or live chat functionality to provide customers with immediate assistance. With user experience (UX) in mind, your company website can take a turn for the better!

The SEO Race is On!

If your company website lacks search engine optimization (SEO), you’re already losing speed, especially if competitors are in the race. SEO can slingshot your website straight to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) on Google or Yahoo, so customers see your company before anyone else. If your outdated website lacks the capability for SEO, you’re missing out on a major head start.

When customers search for a product or service using a string of keywords relevant to your product or service, SEO leads them straight to your website. With SEO, you’re on the right track to ramp up that ROI!

Mobile Make and Model

Customers are always on the go, switching from mobile to desktop devices—and back again—in the span of seconds. That’s why it’s so essential to enable a responsive design, which ensures customers experience that awesome UX across all devices.

With a responsive website, customers won’t have to pinch and zoom to access portions of the page. Instead, photos, forms, and content will adjust to fit the screen. Otherwise, you might lose out on a large number of website visitors (and potential sales) who are accessing your website from their mobile devices. A responsive company website is an essential feature you don’t want to miss out on!

By choosing a mobile-optimized make and model, companies can rev up leads and amplify their business growth. You can also use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to determine whether or not your website is shaped and styled for that mobile-friendly feel. Otherwise, your website may be running on fumes when it comes to mobile devices—and when it comes to ranking on Google’s SERPs, too.

A Need For Speed

A website that lags behind gets left behind—or just left altogether. A company website that takes too long to load could be losing customers. Using Google’s PageSpeed Insights, companies can determine what’s slowing down their website, and how to kick things into turbocharged speeds.

Different website features—including the server, plugins, and content—could slow your website down. Instead of sticking around, some customers might leave—or bounce—without performing an action on your website. A high bounce rate can impact your website ranking on SERPs, leaving you in the dust, at the bottom of the page, and out of the eyes of customers.

With a company website redesign, though, you can prioritize a turbocharged customer UX. As a result, you can leave competitors eating your dust instead!

Clutch at Conversions

While your company website might look like an all-star speed racer, the real proof is in the performance. An effective company website should inform customers of your product or service, represent the brand, and, at the end of the race, generate leads.

A lead-generating website uses the combined effort of messaging, design, and functionality to create business opportunities. Creating specific landing pages to accomplish different goals—selling an individual product or service, directing customers to call for more information, or encouraging them to subscribe to updates—keeps customers focused on completing a single action. Using compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) written with your target audience in mind can be the added horsepower your website needs, too.

As a result, you can convert website visitors into leads, and ultimately, into paying customers. That’s your ROI rush at its finest.

Lap the Competition

These nuts and bolts come together piece by piece to create a well-oiled machine: your company website. As you boost your brand, reveal new content, win the SEO race, and experience a rushing increase of conversions, you can also speed past the competition. Winning the SEO race puts you at the top of SERPs, so customers see your company first when they complete a search. That first-place pace can bring customers soaring in. Redesigning your company website can put you in the lead for SERPs placement, sales, and in the industry, too.

Start Your Engines With a Company Website Redesign

Once your company website redesign is complete and you’re ready to launch full-throttle, you can use your website release as a bit of added marketing horsepower with these effective strategies. Then, get ready for that rushing ROI and take the lead in your industry!

Whether you need a personal pit crew for a few quick fixes or want to build your dream company website from scratch, that’s what we Doo! Get your head start!

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